Furniture New York style

June 27, 2017

As a designer I am always looking out for what is big out there. As it was a Luxury Furniture Fair I was in my element as I went around the halls taking in all the eye candy. Not only the fair but we traveled to all the design hubs of Manhattan / New York to many showrooms to see what was happening in the world of design!

We are seeing it here in NZ, touches of brass, copper and other touches of metal been used in many furniture designs, whether it was a stool or inlay on furniture it was very distinct. It certainly gives things a new look and becomes bespoke.

Metal might be curved and spindle like, or square edges framing chairs and furniture.

There was a huge amount of velvet and felted wool on various types of furnishings, both compositions we love to use in NZ., colour, patchwork and tufting with segmented furniture on a large scale showing up a lot.

Finally ottomans / Pouffs were also very popular in varying shapes and finishes, with some great detailing. A fresh item that can be introduced to any space adding some personality and colour.

Fur was also apparent and something we love to introduce to our spaces as the cooler months approach, maybe a hide over the back of a chair or Tibetan Lamb rugs for the floor.

We can incorporate these aspects into our homes too. It comes back to buying what you LOVE and making it work in your home.
There are no rules…

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