Day In The Life | Home Stager Edition

January 1, 2024

Day in the life…

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a home stager looks like during the bustling summer season? Join us to discover the behind-the-scenes of a typical day at Sojo Design.

In the vibrant world of home staging, where creativity seamlessly meets practicality, each day brings a new set of challenges and opportunities. As we immerse ourselves in the vibrant energy of summer, the Sojo team kickstarts every morning with a dedicated 30 minutes for essential administrative tasks. This pivotal time allows us to efficiently manage inquiries, schedule upcoming projects, secure transportation logistics, and organise pack-ups.

The morning rhythm serves as the foundation for the day’s activities. While administrative work might lack the glamour of transforming spaces, it serves as the backbone ensuring our operations run seamlessly. With emails responded to, quotes scheduled, and logistics planned, we’re poised to tackle the unique challenges and exciting transformations that lie ahead.

As the clock ticks, our schedule unfolds with site visits and the intricate process of picking and packing. Summer, being a busy season for real estate, sees our clients eager to present their properties in the best possible light. Let’s delve into the quoting side of staging – a 30-minute on-site consultation allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the space, engage in a conversation about the client’s vision, measure up, and capture photos. Back in the studio, we translate these observations into a comprehensive plan, typing up quotes, working on floor plans, and mentally curating a list of envisioned items, pending confirmation.

Upon receiving confirmation, our next move is to swiftly book the desired date and secure an appropriately sized truck or van for the job. Once the logistical pieces are in place, the real magic begins.

Immediately, we dive into the world of furniture selection, playing with various cushion combinations, experimenting with bed linen options, and carefully curating art pieces. Each room’s ensemble is meticulously crafted, and once satisfied with our selections, we embark on the systematic process of packing everything up room by room. This preparation ensures that on the day of staging, our setup is super-efficient and organised.

Moving on to accessories, we create a detailed list of surfaces to style. Armed with this guide, we venture out to handpick each styling piece, participating in a creative collaboration to perfect the ideal combinations – from vases and candles to unique ornaments, every accessory is thoughtfully chosen to complement the overall design vision.

At Sojo, our wonderful team hand-selects everything, adding a personal touch to each staging project. This commitment to creating unique, inviting spaces is our hallmark.

Finally, it’s installation day – the most thrilling part of the entire process. Today is when our envisioned designs come to life. Installation days are dynamic and intense, resembling a house move without the finer details. Our loaded truck and van meet us at the warehouse, to then pack carefully selected furniture ready to transform the space.

Upon arrival at the site, the action begins. Our dedicated team swiftly unloads and arranges all the furniture according to the crafted floor plans drafted in our studio. With the foundational elements in place, we fine-tune the layout, ensuring it perfectly aligns with our vision. The next phase involves the enjoyable tasks of styling, bed-making, and fluffing cushions – the creative touches that bring warmth and personality to each space. This delightful process typically takes around 3-4 hours.

The culmination of our efforts is the end result – a transformed space that captures the essence of our design vision. It’s the moment we’ve been working towards, where every detail falls into place, creating a harmonious and inviting environment that speaks volumes about our passion for home staging. The feedback we receive from our clients reinforces our love for what we do, making every project a rewarding experience.





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