Summertime Festivities | Kiwi Christmas Decor

December 21, 2023

Summertime Festivities | Kiwi Christmas Decor

The Christmas season in New Zealand brings a unique blend of festive cheer against a backdrop of sun-soaked days and outdoor celebrations. At Sojo Design, we specialise in creating inviting spaces and are excited to share creative tips to infuse your Kiwi home with the spirit of Christmas.

While traditional Christmas imagery often revolves around cold weather and cozy indoor activities, for us Kiwis, the festive season occurs during sunny days and outdoor adventures. Despite this contrast, we embrace the holiday spirit by incorporating traditional wintry décor elements into our vibrant summer days.

 Balancing a traditional wintry Christmas with our sunny Kiwi summer creates a delightful ambiance in your home. Incorporating classic elements like evergreen wreaths, garlands, and twinkling lights adds a touch of cozy, cold-weather charm to your space.

 Adorning your entryway with a lush evergreen wreath, draping garlands along staircases or mantelpieces, and delicately stringing twinkling lights around windows infuses a nostalgic and cozy feel into our warm Kiwi summer.

It’s about blending scents of pine with BBQ aromas and allowing twinkling lights to illuminate both sunny days and starry summer nights. This fusion captures the essence of the season in a uniquely Kiwi way—melding cool Christmas elements with our vibrant summer backdrop.

With the arrival of hydrangea season, embrace these beautiful blooms as a highlight in your summer décor. Their vibrant hues can effortlessly add a pop of colour and freshness to your interior spaces, perfectly complementing the festive ambiance.

Furthermore, leverage the beauty of native flowers like the striking Pohutukawa or incorporate lush greenery such as ferns and the aromatic touch of eucalyptus. Creating captivating centrepieces or adorning living areas with these elements infuses your home with the natural beauty and essence of a Kiwi summer.

Incorporating these fresh flowers and foliage not only enhances visual appeal but also brings a touch of the outdoors inside, celebrating the unique flora of New Zealand during this joyous Christmas season.

 At Sojo Design we encourage you to embrace the fusion of traditional wintry Christmas elements with the vibrancy of a Kiwi summer. Infuse your home with warmth, colour, and festive cheer to create a uniquely delightful ambiance this holiday season.



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