The Bays | St Heliers Project

November 30, 2023

Project St Heliers

Right in the heart of Auckland, a home with expansive sea views awaited a transformation. While the apartments layout was promising, its dated appearance begged for a complete overhaul. The Vision was very clear – to revamp every corner, from bathrooms to kitchen, laundry to flooring, and infuse each room with a fresh, captivating makeover, all while emphasising the breath-taking Auckland Harbour views.

The client’s adoration for the colour blue sparked the creative journey. From the onset, the palette’s start stemmed from a resounding “yes” to a magnificent marble stone selected for the kitchen and bathrooms. This gorgeous stone set the tone for subsequent choices—the paint hues, flooring, and even the wool carpet, with its subtle yet enchanting blue undertone, creating a flawless blend with the dark timber floors and neutral walls.

Understanding the client’s desire for a home filled with personality and style, our team embarked on a quest to infuse unique touches across the space. A clever curation of materials—wallpaper, tiles, and stones—wove a narrative of sophistication and individuality, transforming the home.

The process of choosing furniture was just as thorough, with careful consideration given to each piece to complement the intended blue-focused palette. Various textures and shades were woven together, that elevated the atmosphere while honouring the client’s fondness for the colour blue.

Central to the home’s upgrade was the custom cabinetry, a blend of lacquered cabinets selecting bold colours and veneer that exuded warmth and texture. These bespoke elements not only added functionality but also served as design focal points, elevating the aesthetic allure of each space.

The kitchen, often referred to as the heart of the home, was brought to life with a daring statement—the bold blue stick tiles of the splashback. This decision tied together the entire kitchen design, infusing it with vibrancy and character, embodying the client’s penchant for boldness and elegance.

Lastly, window treatments played a pivotal role in enhancing the home’s luxurious appeal. The strategic use of crisp white shutters and gorgeous drapery not only amplified the bedrooms’ but also elevated the main open living area, adding an air of elegance and comfort.

The renovation journey of this Auckland home was a great mix of colours, textures, and meticulous design choices. It create testament to the power of envisioning, where a dated space evolved into an elegant haven with panoramic views, highlighting the client’s love for blue with a bespoke, personalised touch.

See below for the finish look…


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