Boutique Bike Shop Makeover

January 7, 2022

The Client:

3Sixty Sports are a locally owned boutique one-stop bike shop in Auckland, providing everything from bike servicing, building & repair, bike & part sales, and commercial supply & distribution, to good ol’ plain advice and chats.

<< BEFORE >>


The Brief:

To transform the existing combined retail and active workshop space in Mount Wellington, into an inspiring and welcoming professional environment for both staff and clientele.

Understanding that people can often feel intimidated when entering into a concentrated / specialist environment, the team at 3sixty wanted to make sure that everyone that visits feels comfortable and welcome, and that the space is accessible and caters to all age groups.


While it had to look good, the store refresh also needed to be functional.

We needed to utilise the space well in order to showcase new retail products, store multiple bikes brought in for repair, provide plenty of storage to house stock and allow for a practical and streamlined workshop space… all the while, working to a tight budget and quick turnaround timeline.

We refreshed all of the surfaces and replaced the floors to make them easier to keep clean. We created ‘zones’ by using directional decals on the floor and utilised the full height of the space for additional storage and feature lighting above.

The outdated hallway racking was replaced with a fun peg-storage wall to provide a beautiful and versatile display system that doubles as concealment for all the clutter behind it and created an official ‘landing zone’ with racking for bikes coming in for repair. A new leaner at the entrance provides a relaxed conversational space for consultations.

Check out the transformation below! 

<< AFTER >>


bike shop design with wall decals mountain bikes peg board storage and repair workshop

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