Trends and tips from New York ICFF Furniture Fair 2017

June 14, 2017

COLOUR: Colour was abundant at the show I’m talking: Watermelon Pink / Deep Blues / Forest Greens / Grape / Mustard Curry


FABRIC: Velvet / Felted Wool / Linen/ Textured: These were strong through the show on many furnishings especially velvet. I saw Pouffs, Pouffs of all shapes and sizes were everywhere a great addition for any home.


ACCESSORIES: Large in scale, lots of groupings, less is more.


METAL: From built in furniture to tabletops with metal inlays, brass was number one metal …..and detail on bespoke furniture through to bathroom taps it was the newest trend to date, a combination of wood and metals all used on the one item, very unique, matt and very bespoke.


WELLNESS: From comfort in the home been surrounded by luxery, things that make you feel good, whether it freshly washed sheets to burning candles. Crystals were everywhere as pieces on the coffee table to bookends.


NZ MADE: Buy in your local market came through strong, sustainability and adaptability of the product.


SHAPES: Curves appeared from round coffee tables to curved chairs and sofas, organic shapes and groupings and clusters.

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