Making an Entrance | Hallway Style Inspiration

May 11, 2020

First impressions count!

The entrance to your home is the start of your interior story… how does yours begin?

Is your hallway warm and welcoming? Does it practically meet your needs? Do you step in in style or find yourself desperately rushing out again to escape?!


We’ve put together a little moodboard for a super stylish entrance using what we consider to be hallway essentials:

  • A console table to pop your keys down on / to style and create a beautiful focal point
  • Light. Every entrance needs light. Whether a conveniently-placed switch for overhead lighting or a free-standing lamp, don’t be left fumbling in the dark!
  • A mirror: for those last-minute checks before you run out the door!
  • Art: to add personality and colour
  • Storage. Wall hooks for jackets / baskets on the floor are a great stylish way to hide away entrance clutter like umbrellas / shoe horns etc.
  • A chair. If your space allows for it, seating is always a great idea to save you from doing the awkward standing shuffle-hop while you put on your shoes…
  • Greenery for colour, texture and life! Also, because you can never have too many plants.

stylish modern entrance hallway inspiration in blues and golds


Spotted something you like? For information on where to find these items, or to fulfil your own dream design brief, get in touch!

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