Interior Design FAQ

What does an Interior Designer do?

Interior Designers provide you with the professional advice and direction you need to make your house a beautiful and functional home. We take the stress away from tough creative decision making and help you pull together amazing spaces that you want to spend quality time in.

Why should I hire an Interior Designer?

The huge amount of creative decisions to be made when bringing a space together can be overwhelming for some. Interior Designers help to simplify the process so that you can achieve the perfect end result you envisioned. We help you to create thought-out spaces that are functional, with good flow and a bit of fun; making your house unique to you in more ways than one.

Can I see more samples of your work?

As well as on our website, up-to-date examples of our work can be found across all of the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Houzz and Archipro.

I live outside of the Auckland area - can you still work for me?

Absolutely! We have worked with many clients living out-of-Auckland and overseas not only in their homes but baches and investment purchases; coordinating new builds and undertaking full-scale renovations too. No distance is too far.

Do you work with other trade professionals?

Yes we do! Over the years we have built up a fantastic portfolio of trade professionals that we highly recommend and regularly refer to our clients.

How do we get started?

We begin with an initial consultation to get to know each other and discuss your project in detail; asking and answering as many questions as possible: It is imperative that we are on the same page. Based on the outcome of this initial meeting, we come up with a plan of attack and move on from there!

What happens at the first consultation and how do I prepare?

We ask that you prepare a full list of everything you would like to achieve and any relevant images of rooms, styles or colours you are drawn to. This allows us to have a clearer discussion around likes and dislikes and helps us to understand exactly what you are after in terms of an end result. This information becomes our ‘Scope of Work’.

How long will my project take?

Timing really varies depending on the project. If working on a new build or renovation, planning could start up to several months prior to the physical start date. Good design takes time.

What type of projects can you do? Is any project too big or small?

No project is too small, however generally the bigger the better as there is nothing better that producing a home or commercial space with running continuity throughout! We love working on several areas at once if the timing and budget allows us to do so.

Do I need a designer if I only want help with new furniture?

Yes, for sure! This is a great time to involve an Interior Designer to save you from making costly mistakes. Spatial design, scale and proportion are all important factors to take into account when purchasing new furniture. A huge part of our job is to get the flow and feel right for your spaces and how you use them.

What will our project cost? How do you charge?

We charge on an hourly basis. The overall cost depends entirely on the scale of the project, Scope of Work and end result you wish to achieve.

Do you charge for our first meeting?

Yes. The initial consultation is a vital time for us both, as that is when we will delve deep into the finer details of the project, covering off all aspects of the design. From the moment we meet we start sharing our expertise and advice.

Where do you get your furniture from?

We source all our furnishings, materials and décor from various suppliers across New Zealand and abroad. Some of these are accessible to account-holders only, so working with us gives you direct access to unique pieces not available to the general public.

Do we have to start with an empty space or can you integrate my favourite pieces of furniture into the design?

We love to work with your own items! Integration of your personal style is paramount to building a successfully designed space that you feel comfortable with and enjoy living in.
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