FCM Residence | North Shore Project

December 21, 2022

We had the privilege of being approached to complete the final design touches on our North Shore project with overseas clients, within the dining and living room area. After viewing the space the design approach we took was centred around adapting the space to have an organic and natural feel. Through a variety of materials which included 100% linen, wool, timber, leather, rattan and meterage of natural stone sourced from Brazil. With this we were able to create a space which has a serene yet elegant feel.


Through discussions with the clients, they discussed their love for blue tones but were open to the inclusion of other splashes of colour throughout. With this knowledge the colour palette we created incorporated soft yellows/oranges, deep blues and a unique indent fabric on the ottoman which added different hues of blues/greens to the space adding a subtle yet enticing centre piece.


To complete this interior, we created a custom TV unit which measured to an incredible 6 meters from architrave to architrave accompanied by a beautiful stone top. Attention to detail in all areas of this space were important to create the cohesive and well-presented finish we were after, through careful selection of lacquer, finishes and storage space. The warm neutral tones of the Taj Mahal stone were a big inspiration and tied in with the flooring and drapery selection which balanced out the space. When selecting a lacquer colour we had to make sure that it not only blended with the stone but with the drapery and the wall paint colour. This led to us selecting a neutral warm white which differed from the wall colour but stayed consistent within the selected colour palette of the space. Ensuring that there was plenty of storage within this space was key when completing this design. Through the use of smart storage which includes some draws to have internal draws to hide smaller items meant that we were able to maximise space while still maintain the clean/ organic feel we were after.


Ensuring that we were able to provide the client with a space they are able to come home and relax in, as well as offer a space which provided opportunities for them to entertain was vital in completing this space. Once all the finishing touches were put in place and seeing the vision come together we are happy to know our clients will be coming home to a home that they have always dreamt of.










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