HOW TO | Style a Bathroom

October 12, 2021

As one of the more functional spaces in a home, there’s a common misconception that it is difficult to style a bathroom while keeping the place practical, but the principles are really as easy as 1,2,3… Here’s the lowdown on how to create a simple but stylish bathroom.


ONE | Clean It

Yep- tip number one really is that simple! A squeaky-clean bathroom always makes for a stylish bathroom. Keeping the clutter out of sight, having spotless tapware that gleams in the sunlight and clear, streak-free glass helps to open up the space; minimalism at its finest. Freshly folded towels and a well-contained or clear vanity add to the feeling of space and luxury.



TWO | Contain It 

Storage baskets, hooks and trays are a bathroom’s best friend. They contain clutter (a small tray on the vanity is wonderful for keeping the basin area tidy!), hide away extras (towels, toilet paper, hairdryers etc.) and are a practical way to make the most of otherwise under-utilised areas like underneath a floating vanity.

We love to use small trays on a vanity to easily create a base for turning your practical handsoap and toothbrushes into a stylish arrangement. Teaming these practical must-haves with a natural / more organic element like a plant, cut stem or flowers helps to soften the arrangement, adding colour and interest.

See below some of our favourite ways to style using baskets and trays:



THREE | Colour It

As a rule, we can’t go past a crisp white towel with a subtle self-texture for interest! With this foundation down, next comes your opportunity to add in some colour! Whether that be through your toothbrush holder, baskets, hooks, handtowels or even rugs- treat your bathroom accessories like you would art in any other room; layer colours, patterns and textures to make a simple space sing.

Stools are also a great bathroom addition for styling, and as a bonus double as a great practical space filler next to the bath (where else will you pop your bubblebath book and wine?!)… Top with candles, plants, or even your best-looking shampoo bottles to add colour and interest while maintaining practicality.



We’ve put together some colourful styling combos we’re loving right now…

(Items below are a combination of Citta & Adairs Home)




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