Design secret – Decluttering

April 28, 2017

At times when life gets busy, Xmas and birthdays come and go, you accumulate gifts, and then there is the impulse buying when you are out with girlfriends, end result, you start to get surrounded by too much stuff, and its not and ideal way to live.  I myself am not minimalistic, I do love to be surrounded by things that bring a smile to my face, whether its new, or a purchase from some travels.

Are you embarrassed to ask friends over because of the state of your house? Well keep reading this blog, it is full of tips for you. Its time to draw a line in the sand and commit to living a cleaner un-cluttered life of you both you and your family.

CLUTTER – Some go as far as having a dumping room EEKK, NOT ME, but if that Is you it needs to be sorted right now as winter is fast approaching.  Keep your home feeling like a sanctuary, a place of peace and tranquility. With so much excess STUFF hanging around it doesn’t have a chance. Know where all your sports gear is stored, cleaning products, books are stored away, clothes all have a home and so on.

Clutter means you cannot actually think straight or function well.
When your house is overcrowded with hand me down furniture, impulse purchases when at a sale, stuff on the floor not returned to cupboards, work is busy, kids are busy its all too much.
If this is you – stop, look around you and make a promise to yourself you will sort out your house and de-clutter it within a set time frame that works for you. For some it may take longer but set a time frame, so you have a goal to reach by a certain date so it does not drag on and become even more overwhelming.

Number One Tip to this exercise is work through your house room by room, don’t jump from room to room, stick to the one area until it has had the complete overhaul including storage, furniture placement, through to a spring clean that one space.
Let’s say you start with your living are.  Here is my question “If you took everything out your living room, and I asked you to only put back in that room what you LOVE, what would you end up putting back into that room?”

Second Tip – Start with an easy room first.
Don’t let yourself be surrounded by stuff you don’t love or don’t need. If it doesn’t work for you, your family or that space,  sell it or give it away. Ask yourself this ONE question every time you start to De Clutter a new space. If you are struggling to part with something pop those things in a box and put them in the garage and see if you can live without them, if you do not notice them missing in your life than that gives you permission to give it away or throw it out. Who needs three graters theres another good example, or 6 chopping boards? Really?

Rooms look and feel so much bigger with less furniture, spatial design is paramount when working on your layout.  Functionality, also plays and important roll so really consider how you position all your furniture when putting it back in situ. As our children grown we arrange the rooms accordingly too, also as seasons change, summer indoor outdoor flow, winter face the furniture toward the fire place.
If you don’t have enough storage well that’s another blog altogether!

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