8 Cleveland Road

Status | Ongoing

A prime location in central Parnell, this project has been a great and rewarding challenge! The rewards of which become more and more apparent as we close in on the finish.

Kicked off at the beginning of 2018, what started off as a simple renovation morphed into a much bigger project; the direction being changed to ensure the end result is a makeover that will stand the test of time.

Outside we have redesigned the frontage; painted the entire exterior, re-clad parts and added outdoor areas for the various office spaces with two large decks.

Inside we have painted all levels, replaced flooring, added new bathrooms and kitchens, all-new lighting & electrical throughout and created entranceways with the introduction of new joinery to help define the different spaces.


Work In Progress:

We are currently working on styling the new lobby area, having window treatments installed and completing the front gardens and exterior signage design… stay tuned for more photos soon!

Tel: +64 21 823 743 julie@sojodesign.co.nz