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How to pick the right rug and style it

Jun 27, 2018

I love rugs, they have so many different uses when it comes to styling your home. They add texture and cosiness underfoot for winter, so now is a good time to go shopping for one! 
Below I share some trending ideas for how to style these in your home.

Cow hides

These work in various places, even awkward spaces that have many angles, for example layer it under your coffee table or dining table where space maybe tight, or offset sofas which are at right angles.
They also look great in an entrance or foyer with no furniture on top of them. They are best to not be positioned on carpet because they move too much and do not stay insitu. They are a classic staple right now for a contemporary modern look on concrete or hardwood floors.


Cow Hide2


Jute rugs

Jute is natural plant-based fibre, making rugs soft underfoot and extremely durable and robust. They are handcrafted by skilled artisans that weave them, often with unique textures and designs to show quality.
Popular now and loved by everyone, they look amazing on concrete and wooden floors as well as tiles. Jute rugs can be used in any room in the house including entrance ways, living & dining rooms, under your furniture to define the space, in bedrooms under the end of the bed and also as hallway runners to cosy this space up for winter. They tend to be of plain colour however add loads of texture. ​Our favourite suppliers stand by their product in that, the materials are grown sustainably, they ensure no child labour is involved and they are made in a factory where weavers are 100% looked after.


Jute rug


Patterned Rugs

These rugs we consider engaging, they draw your eye downward to them, you can have a neutral patterned rug which keeps it simple, maybe a pattern on pattern, this helps define the space and warmth underfoot, or really pack a punch and go for bold, vibrant colours and pattern it really does emphasise the floor and what’s going on down there making it part of the overall look of your space.

It will drive your colour palette for the rest of the space if you go bold, needing to link colours, so always ensure you LOVE what you buy. Composition is often man-made fibre, maybe a wool, maybe silk, so always be aware you position these rugs not too close to windows if natural fibres, as darker colours will fade too. 
If you ever buy a rug too small it will close in your space, always go slightly bigger and if need be place the front legs of your sofas under your rug to make the space feel larger.



Never underestimate the importance of purchasing the correct rug for your space, it can make it or break it.