Beds | You can never have too many cushions

July 3, 2019

Now the summer weather has cooled, the rain / snow are rolling in and the nights are longer, we’ve found ourselves thinking more and more about our BEDs.

When it comes to home staging and property styling, bedrooms are definitely one of our favourite areas to work on, and given that on average, one third of our lives is spent in bed, we think it’s fair call to make it the most desirable place we can!




It all starts with getting those good 8 hours…


Ultimately, when it comes to designing your bedroom (or any room for that matter!) comfort should absolutely come first- in this case with picking out a great mattress.

Soft, medium, firm / sprung, foam, gel… there are a whole range of options out there! What you decide on is always going to be a personal preference, but it really does pay to try a few out (yes- we encourage you to sleep around!)… then buy once and buy right. A great quality mattress will provide you with the ultimate in beauty sleeps for years… (get in touch if you’d like us to help you find one!)

Top that bad boy with a luxurious duvet inner shroud in crisp white linen, perhaps a coverlet at the bottom of the bed for additional style + warmth, plus a smattering of colourful scatter cushions at the head, and you’re good to go!





… we hear this a lot! But, it all comes down to the age-old adage that we eat with our eyes, and the most deliciously appealing beds out there are always the big, squishy ones, topped with lush feather-inner cushions and pillows that invite you to jump in, mould to your form, sink down and relaxxxx.

From a design point of view, cushions add texture, depth and pattern which all adds to a beds visual appeal, though they do (yes, really!) also serve a functional purpose too.


Oh? Tell me more…




Or, “The big square ones at the back” are fabulous for lazy weekend mornings in bed, as they provide a nice big prop for sitting up to read and drink your morning coffee. (See?! Coffee… you’re sold, right?!)





Or, “The little sausage ones at the front” are the euro’s faithful assistant- providing you with a little extra lower back support. They are also great to sleep with! Popping a bolster under your knees at night can help with posture correction.





Or, “The ones in the middle that ultimately get chucked off the bed”… are the least functional but arguably among the most important. There to inject colour and personality- helping to set the tone for the room, they are the appetiser / invitee to the bedroom visual feas and the place to have a little bit of fun!


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