Bedroom styling in collaboration with Logan & Mason

August 14, 2017

We are excited to announce our new collaboration with Logan & Mason. is the exclusive New Zealand based online seller of all brands in the Logan & Mason family, including Esque, Platinum Collection, Ultima, Private Collection, Davinci & Florence Broadhurst. Check their website to find the finest linen, comfy pillows and most luxurious sheets.

Looking for great bedroom styling ideas? You can transform your bedroom into the room of your dreams with the right tips. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small city or an illuminated loft-style apartment.

Here are three easy-to-steal bedroom styling ideas that are sure to come in handy:


Look One: Velvet Blush with Splash of Grey, Black, and White

What could be better than a peaceful and calm bedroom that resonates with your taste and style? The Velvet Blush cushion with gorgeous detailing accentuates the entire decor, while the grey and white work together to produce a more relaxed finish. As you can see, I used the light brown tables as a point of interest; the twin table lamps also add to the overall appeal regardless of whether they’re on or off.

The winter-themed design is accentuated by the stunning Ascot Pewter Duvet cover — it stands out in both colour and cosiness. The fresh, textured white coverlet lays beneath the large Ascot Granite Quilted Coverlet to add more layers and volume for perfect warmth in cold winter months. The great thing about white is its ability to mix well with every other colour in the bedroom — it works great with the colour of the bedside tables; provides a soft, simple yet sophisticated look.

If you take a look at the second image you’ll find that I used two coverlets for more colour diversity — white was used as the primary colour for impeccable brightness.


Look Two: New Bed Linen with Perfect Color Combo

Mid-Winter – the perfect time for exceptional bedroom styling. This particular image draws inspiration from the icy cold weather and the incredible range from Logan and Mason NZ. I started the design with the crisp velvet teal cushion for some pop of colour — it serves as the perfect focal point. Grey still serves as the main colour, and the stunning Ascot Granite Quilted Coverlet lays beneath the textured white coverlet – an excellent combo for comfort and style. The darker lamps and wood colour tables on the sides also work great with fringing tones of the cushion. The Ascot Duvet Cover set which happens to be the central part of the look is further complemented with extra layers, tones, and textures for greater interest.


Look Three: Excellent Aqua Accents to Accentuate the Velvet Cushion

The last design is centred on a large white Westcott coverlet — this fabric is sure to work great for any bedroom décor. The beautiful Ascot Pewter Duvet cover provides a fresh, bright base; the grey and blue textured comforters at the end of the bed piques winter — the design is sure to come in handy when you need to pull up additional covers for warmth. The good thing is, just about any style can work with this stunning linen — the dark tables and geometric cushions are excellent examples.


And that’s it! I’m pretty sure these simple bedroom styling tips have given you a clue on how to create a calming, stylish and functional bedroom for your needs. I hope you’re inspired to make a change to your bedroom and willing to transform it into a relaxing haven – more like a place where you long to pass the night after a long hard day. Who wouldn’t want that?

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